Amina Zamani talking into a microphone

Amina’s Process

Amina’s process includes three distinguished modalities that will be the framework of the engagement.

In every phase, be it speaking engagements or coaching sessions, Amina guides individuals to explore and challenge deep-seated beliefs and conflicts, paving the way for them to reach their utmost potential.

3 Factors

& Presuppositions


Beliefs Govern our Lives

Change at 
the Identity Level

illustration of a person's brain with arrows above it


People are not exposed to the process of changing ones mind. People often cling to limiting habits, not having been exposed to effective processes for changing their mindset and achieving permanent change.

Neuroplasticity tells us that permanent change is possible and the ability to rewire our brain is completely within our power. We tend to operate on well-traveled mental paths; thoughts, feelings, and actions that have been revisited so many times they've become second nature, from repetition. Neuroplasticity is forming new pathways to override the old ones, effectively introducing and establishing change.

illustration of person viewing the world from their brain

Beliefs Govern Our 

Our beliefs are constructed from the lens of how we see the world.

Thus it is critical to understand that our beliefs are in fact perceptions, perceptions limited by traumas, fears, and experiences. Furthermore, we justify beliefs because they belong to a wider network of beliefs.

Change at the Identity Level

There are many neurological levels of change but we must work at the Identity level to create permanent change


My mission and my truest desire in life - my impact.


I am bad, I am good, I am… permanent change happens here.

Beliefs and Values

Your realities.


50% of coaching happens here.


How I see myself and how others see me 
(30% of coaching happens here).


What I see in front of me.